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I am a passion-driven creative services talent with over 20 years of experience in creating visual impact for powerful results. 

Expert in developing creative content with extensive experience in brand identity, graphic design, digital marketing and multi-channel solutions to achieve business success.

Adept at cultivating ideas and managing concurrent projects to fruition, showcasing company culture, brand, and strategy through impactful graphics and visual displays.

Highly-skilled in effective communication and collaboration, partnering across functional hierarchies to manage corporate initiatives and engage stakeholders to facilitate results.

•   Creativity and Innovation
•   Problem-Solving
•   Strong Communicator
•   Cross-Functional Collaboration
•   Professional, Strong Work Ethic
•   Dedicated, Flexible and Adaptive
•   Highly Organized and Detail-Oriented
•   Teamwork and Partnerships
•   Patient, Humble and Respectful

About Me: Bio
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